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We believe in small teams, creative freedom and our espresso machine.


With a lightweight, nimble, competent and committed, we have accepted and overcome challenges of great complexity with successful results for our clients whose concern is focused on their own business because the solutions … “Just work”.

An alliance of talent and generations, let us look at each project with creative and innovative spirit but simultaneously pragmatic and responsible. Sometimes the invisible work is as important as the immediate results and many foundations were laid for the future. A future that has already started because … believe and like (a lot) of what we do!



Our company – as it is today – formally born in 2011, due to the spin-off of skills application development and design. Although the design and brand existed since 2009, this operation allowed us to focus on those that are our ideas and strategies. A risky bet, when the national and international economic environment was unfavorable to new projects, which has proved correct and safe. Since 2014 our company has been committed to the world of real estate, making websites and apps that helps our clients get more leads and business opportunities.

A short history but still full of pride, pleasure and passion of all who work in it. Without being pretentious, we can say that in such a short time has made many good ideas happen …

The founder of Mix and Blend, a programmer, has always been a passion for technology. Although coming from the old school of locally installed applications – began in the legendary Basic ZX Spectrum,evolved into DBaseClipper (imagine!), passed to Visual Basic, .NET and Silverlight - always knew monitor and take advantage of new technological trends currently heading in the Mix and Blend, projects related to Web and Facebook, which added to the valences of the universe open-source.