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In  Mix and Blend, dismiss the bureaucracy and all the tasks that make up nightmares in authentic projects actually start.

However we put quality into everything we do and therefore there is a set of procedures, the lighter, faster and mainly useful as possible, in parallel to the development necessary for everything to be fluent, transparent and functional for us and for our clients .

Experience “in draft” and best practices, proven in daily and constantly improved with input from our customers, lead us to follow its own methodology that is expressed in the following steps:


BRIEFING – Exchange of information on the objectives, assumptions and functionality that the application should responder.Esta phase takes place in personal meetings and / or through professional conversation tools (Firecamp) and document sharing (Writeboard).

At this stage it is still given to the customer online access to project management in real time where any participant can view and comment messages, files, tasks and goals.

With this approach are replaced traditional documents “Project Planning”, “Plan for Progress” and “Progress Reports”.


LAYOUT - Setting the base image using the website or application. Typically presents the most relevant pages in terms of graphic variation.

This phase concludes with the approval of the model that is available to the client through a Web address (URL) that can also be a partner branded or unbranded version.


PROTOTYPE/ WIREFRAMING - Validating the behavior of the solution and expected results for each screen through a prototype made available an address (URL) to replicate the solution and drawn features (Mockflow).

This approach replaces the traditional advantages documents “Analysis of User Interface” and “Functional Analysis”.


DEVELOPMENT - Creating the development environment in which the client does not yet have access to the solution. This environment, redesigned by us with a set of advanced features, it remains until the end of life to test changes before staging influence the solution available to the customer.


TESTING / STAGING - Faithful replica of the production environment for running tests (but locked to the search engines) where the client can indicate changes to be made by micro-cycles tasks (identifies – changes – approves and passes to the next change). “


GO LIVE / PRODUCTION - Public availability of the final solution, unlock access search engines, activation services search optimization (SEO), statistics (Google Analytics), monitoring (web monitoring) and backup (Cloud Backup).


MAINTENANCE - If you are employed in this service, we assume the loading and processing graphic content (texts, images and videos).